Be Kind To Yourself Today

Trigger Warning: This post talks about a sensitive topic

Note: I am not an expert on mental health and my opinions are based on my observation only. But I strongly believe that our communities need to have deeper and more meaningful conversations on mental health and well-being.

It was a lazy Sunday, till the time I was rattled with news that was unanticipated. One of the most popular young actors of Indian cinema, all 34 years of age, committed suicide in the morning.

Like many, I have also been trying to process this news and am writing this down to gain better clarity on what has happened.

sunset over hills

Sushant Singh Rajput was a respected as an actor and as an individual. He was close to an image of how one should probably be living their life. He was well-educated, significantly successful in his career, critically acclaimed for his work and had promise that he will achieve a lot more in his years to come. Extremely fit, good looking and intelligent is what I could make out when I saw him in his interviews. He has 10 million followers on Instagram alone and inspired people around him through his pictures and writings on the page. In fact, in one of his posts about a month earlier – he mentioned that regular sleep, meditation, maintaining a journal, exercising & intermittent fasting are things that worked well for him. All the things that one aspires to do in life.

And yet he committed suicide. From what we know till now, he was suffering from clinical depression, putting a question mark on what is it that we really know about human beings around us.

So here is a friendly reminder to remember that the world around us, may not be what it seems to be.

The person who seems to be more successful than you, might be compromising with their sleep and health. The person who appears to be richer than you, may be going through their own set of problems that they haven’t shared with anyone. The person who seems to have a better lifestyle than you, may just be putting up an act just to be more like-able. The person who seems to have it all together, is just able to float and is almost sinking to keep it all together. The person who seems angry at you, might be going through a difficult time in their life. The person who doesn’t want to talk to you, may be grappling through issues that have caught up with them, so much so, that they now find it difficult to reach out to anyone.

And the harder pill to swallow is that we may be a cause of stress and anxiety for people around us, by accident. Even if we don’t intend it to be, our career, looks, lifestyle, friendships, achievements might be a source of envy and sadness for other people though they do not explicitly tell us.

And while people try to find deeper meaning in mental health and safe space, here is a note to still take care of yourself first.

Ask yourself if you are taking out time to review your own mental well-being. Take out time for yourself even if the world seems to be passing you by. Talk to someone, or seek out therapy even if you feel that you are doing fine. Prioritize your mental health over everything and remember it’s okay to take time off to reset and recharge. Be kind to yourself today.

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